Not just another technical support company, this is why we are better:

Our technical experience is unmatched

Our technical staff have a minimum 10 years, full time, in-this-field experience. This means we get it done quicker, and right the first time. With no staff turn over in 7 years: you don't pay us to learn and relearn your network.

Our priority is you

Our staff do not have quotas or targets. We don't have partnerships with companies that require minimum sales. Our recommendations are based on technical considerations, not industry relationships. We work for you, and represent your interests in everything we do.

Set it and forget it

We take care of your network as if it was our network. From self-healing network systems to regular tasks like updates - it all gets done transparently so you can concentrate on what you do.

Predictive and Budgetable Expenses

No hourly charges. No banked hours. No surprises. One dependable flat rate for all of your computer service as if we were a member of your staff. That means in your hour of need we are focused on helping you quickly, not profitting from your misfortune.

I now understand why you came so highly recommended.

Enno Gill Ancaster, ON

We've come to depend on you for these types of things ... thank you for making it an easy transition.

Sonia Rai Toronto, ON

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! You've helped me out of a real bind and I won't forget it!

Micheal Chiarelli Hamilton, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are just starting out, or prefer running your operations small, we understand the pressures of small business. We've been there! That's why we've built a lot of flexibility in to our service agreements. Whether your long term plan is scaling up in size, or forever enjoying the freedom and responsiveness that only small businesses have - we have you covered without breaking your bank. We can set up a system that lets you be as involved in the day-to-day IT stuff as you'd like, but with the certainty that you are doing it right, and always having us to jump in and help when you need it.
Chances are someone on our team is working with someone in your industry already. We have a lot of experience with a lot of different sectors! Whether it's education, government, legal, manufacturing, medical, retail, service, ... you get the idea. In the case that we haven't worked in your industry before we are even more excited about doing so. The variety of software we've dealt with over the years, all with industry-centric quirks and terminology, makes us the ideal choice for getting your niche software running 100%.
Service Rate/hr
Standard $135
Non-Profit $99
After Hours $175
Emergency $250
Standard: 4 Hours
Response times are covered in detail in our service level agreement, and this is an area where flexibility on your side can lower the cost of our service. We have clients who both require better than this, and who also don't require it. In anycase we usually exceed the on-paper agreement.
If your computers are over 5 years old, probably yes. If your copiers, printers, and network infastructure is over 10 years old, probably yes. If your phone system is approaching it's 20th birthday - then probably, yes. Understand that it isn't our goal to make ourselves rich off of a hardware upgrade for two reasons: A) We are a service based company, B) the only way nowadays to make money selling computer hardware is to sell a lot of computer hardware. When we recommend a hardware refresh it is because the cost of continuing to support the old hardware is higher than the cost of replacing it.
Yes. Email Include the subject line: "New Client help emergency!" That will get routed through quickly regardless of the time of day or such. Be sure to include your phone number, extension (if applicable) and any back-door numbers so we can get in touch with you. If you also include some details of the problem we can be sure that the person who calls you back is our best and brightest in that area.
We can start providing technical support to your business today. If you need some new computers or network hardware we can get them to you in the week. If you need a new file server or backup system we can get that going within the next couple weeks. Also - if you are in an emergency situation we can speed this all up by improving shipping times, and/or getting what we need directly. Websites can take anywhere from a few days (if you want a simple landing page) to a week (if you want to be able to do ecommerce, logins, and the like). Whatever you need, we want to use you as a reference in the future, so we are itching to get started.